Sales Client Services Specialist


– Selling our wellness program to prospective members and achieving appropriate client conversion.

– Answering phones professionally and converting those calls into appointments.

– Demonstrating complete knowledge of our studio’s service path.

– Upselling and cross-selling to maximize client retention and wellbeing.

– Understanding competitive landscape to ensure maximum client satisfaction and value


– Matching clients and therapist correctly based on our level system and client problem areas.

– Mastering MINDBODY software through accurate scheduling and completing the retail sales process.

– New, waitlist, inactive, and autopay default client follow-up.

– Communicating with clients to determine areas of improvement within the service path and complete client satisfaction.

– Complying with all HIPAA rules and regulations as well as state privacy laws.

– Addressing emergency scheduling issues quickly and professionally.

– Addressing client requests and disputes professionally and efficiently.

– Keeping client retention high and attrition low.

– Listen 360 check-in and client follow-up


– Providing timely and appropriate intercommunication with studio management and peers.

– Providing helpful responses to requests from clients and involve management as needed.

– Keeping track of KPI’s as necessary.

– Social Media enhancements and event planning

– Actively participating and executing staff meetings.

– Ensuring SOAP notes are entered by Massage therapists.


– Creating a calm environment through flexibility.

– Ensuring massage rooms, restrooms, and client areas are ready for business.

– Administrative tasks – coping, filing, printing, and petty cash.

– Supply orders and replenishments.

– Vendor relationship management.

– Technology troubleshooting.