• You are the bar of the massage experience.
    It’s no surprise Elements MassageTM client satisfaction leads the industry–three years and still going. That’s because from day one, the founder—a massage therapist herself—kept an unmatched commitment to deliver the best therapeutic, healing massage experiences possible. Elements MassageTM expects the best. You should too.

    Your work will change lives, including yours.
    Ask any of the 3,000+ massage therapists who work at an independently owned and operated Elements MassageTM studio. They’ll tell you they are massage specialists. Well-being and growth as a massage therapist is the cornerstone of the Elements MassageTM business.

    You’ll learn something new.
    Status quo is a word that just doesn’t apply at Elements MassageTM. Elements MassageTM believes massage therapists deserve to learn as much as they want. So many independently owned and operated Elements MassageTM studios offer and reimburse ongoing continuing education courses, both in studio and online.

    You’ll work in an environment that’s comfortable for your clients, and you.
    Linens. Lotions. Marketing. Elements MassageTM independent studio owners give you support so you can give your best. Their success comes from your success.

Elements MassageTM is the only national retail massage provider founded by a Massage Therapist.

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  • Having worked in different environments I designed Elements MassageTM with the therapist in mind. My dream was to create a place where my fellow massage therapists looked forward to coming to work.

    Author's imageMichele MaruniakFounder & Massage Therapist

Don’t take our word for it…see what massage therapists have to say about Elements MassageTM!

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    “I work with some incredible therapists and have such tremendous support”

    Reverie – Massage

    Therapist since 1996

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    “There is almost nothing to worry about! Just show up and work!”

    Danny – Massage Therapist

    Therapist since 2008

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    “Elements has shown that as a company they are really passionate about massage. the other two places I worked for were driven by business and numbers, not the passion to really help people”

    Wes – Therapist

    Therapist since 2013

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    “Elements respects their massage therapists as educated health professionals.”

    Lori – Massage Therapist

    since 2010


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